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The House of Romanov was the second and last imperial dynasty to rule over Russia for more than three hundred years, reigning from 1613 until the 1917 overthrow of the monarchy during the February Revolution. The Romanov Dynasty succeeded the Rurik Dynasty after the Time of Troubles. This 300-year chapter saw so many achievements, failures, happy and joyous moments, and sorrowful tragedies. of The Holy Bible And Cross
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This blog is NOT political and I do not intend to discuss any sort of politics as I am not at all interested. However, I will answer asks related to politics if needed. I do NOT claim to be an expert or a historian. I am merely a hobbyist and avid researcher. If you see any of your unsourced work on my blog and want me to remove it or link it to the original, I will be glad to do so. I claim nothing to be absolutely mine unless stated otherwise.
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Endless list of places I’d love to visit someday

↳ Salzburg, Austria

The city of Salzburg is noted for its Alpine setting. The name Salzburg means “Salt Castle”. In the mid‑20th century, the city was the setting for parts of the musical and film The Sound of Music. The Salzburg Festival is a famous music festival that attracts visitors during the months of July and August each year. A smaller Salzburg Easter Festival is held around Easter each year. The city is also known for being the birthplace of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Traces of human settlements have been found in the area dating to the Neolithic Age. The first settlements at Salzburg were apparently begun by the Celts around the 5th century BC. The Altstadt, or “old town”, is dominated by its baroque towers and churches and the massive Festung Hohensalzburg.

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